What is index?

index is the data layer for commerce applications, designed to make any marketplace, media platform, or app shoppable by providing robust product data and order APIs. Our moat is that we provide access to virtually all merchants’ listing information in seconds and aggregate to make listings searchable.

Key features

  • Product information for any store, always up to date: Find products based on queries, links, or GTINs.
  • Universal order interface: Connect to any merchant’s store and start selling any product.
  • Earn $$$ through our network of merchants: Earn commissions from our network of merchants and providers.

How index works

The index Product Data Engine is basically a search engine for commerce. It ingests data from:

  • Web sources
  • Product feeds
  • Custom files

Using our custom trained AI, index then:

  1. Automatically understands the structure of the data
  2. Transforms data into the desired target structure
  3. Hosts the processed data for easy access

How to get started

index is currently in beta. Please reach out if you want to get early access.

Once you have signed up, you can check out our API reference to learn how to extract and transform your data. You can also use our dashboard to manage your sources and data.